Sunday, June 17, 2012

Moleskine Planner / Wallet Update's been a while, but I thought I would toss out an update on the Moleskine Planner/Wallet usage. In short...I'm still using it.  I've gone through a few since I started.  I will say, the design is a little simpler than I originally started with...only because I am starting to find out what "features" I really use, and which ones I don't.  The whole point of switching to the Moleskine as an organization tool was that I didn't want to be limited to what sections/layout/methods that built into a commercial planner.  With that said, it doesn't make sense for me to limit myself to my OWN methods if they don't make sense. Right?

Soon, I'll put together a blog entry about what my planner looks like these days.  In  a nutshell, I am still  using a calendar (page a day style) method, but I decided to try something new this latest rendition.  In stead of having the entire calendar in one section, I am now trying to keep everything calendar section for a week -> notes and journal for that week -> calendar section for the next week -> notes and journal section for that week --> etc.  This seems (so far) to be a little more efficient for me, and continues to reduce blank (wasted) pages as I move through time.

Anyway....that's all for now.  I've been really REALLY busy my blog went to the "optional" list.  I'm slowly starting to get caught up now, though.